Energy saving
We decrease energy consumption without sacrificing comfort. This typically by a 60% reduction in lighting energy costs (which is a large share of the total energy bill). As an added benefit of efficient use of fixtures, the lifespan increases. Important to note is that we achieve this while adding general comfort, we are effectively empowering human centric spaces.
Redesignation of spaces won’t call for rewiring as the fixtures are addressable. Rooms and scenes are easy to customize. Our wireless option is free of interference generally experienced with WiFi or Bluetooth as our signals sit on their own band and protocol. This makes it the ideal solution for remodeling even on a budget.
Clear control
The system can keep you up to date by various alerts. Its reports are clear and support the reduction of real estate costs by delivering space utilization insights. By using the generated data you can finetune the environment with granular control by using the easy web interface. We even already offer load shedding, ready for the smart grid.