Human centric lighting has an effect on worker retention across all ages. It aids our circadian rhythm, keeps us focussed and eases stress. It is giving the right light at the right time. We have to keep in mind the color of the light and the intensity but also where it is applied to avoid eyestrain. This results in how vibrant or healthy your office looks. Light on the work-floor should be mainly activity based; computer based tasks require different lighting than paper tasks. Even small changes add up.
Mood lighting or decorative lighting that changes over time will also give the notion you are being cared for. The right components matter too; you want to be sure the lights turn on when you need them to, don’t flicker when dimming and sensors won’t turn off the light when you are still in the room. With a very significant overlap between Human Centric and Smart solutions, we can upgrade while saving money. There is no straight answer than can be applied to every office building so adaptability is key.

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